The One & Only Tsukiiji Fish Market

The largest wholesale fish market in the world

By Jeradyne Cheong    - 1 min read

Possibly appearing in every to-go list that has anything to do with travelling in Japan, the Tsukiji fish market really is one of a kind. With over 400 kinds of seafood being handled every day and free admission, it begs to be visited.

It is important to note that the Tsukiji Fish Market will be relocated to Toyosu by the 7th of November 2016 in preparation of the 2020 Olympics so if you haven’t visited already, these remaining months could be your last chance to visit the original Tsukiji fish market!

The footage used in this video is mostly taken in the inner market of the Tsukiji fish market.

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Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Really love the shots in this video. Love Tsukiji, too!
Jeradyne Cheong Videographer 5 years ago
Thanks! I love Tsukiji too =)