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The Wonder of Ninja Akasaka

Dine, drink, and be amazed!

An inconspicuous wall. A sudden knock and a door is revealed. You’re being led down. How far down? You don’t know. Over pit traps and past treasure until, at last, you arrive at your dining table. That’s how the experience at Ninja begins. Ninja is one part Japanese-fusion restaurant, one part cocktail bar, and all parts fun.

The restaurant offers guests seats in private caves, where it’s easy to imagine that ninja are lurking everywhere in the dimly lit interior. After being seated, your ninja or kunoichi (female ninja) will come to take your drink and food menu. Be sure to order one of their many signature cocktails! But don’t let the costumes or gimmick fool you. This is quality food and drink.

What meal is complete without fire?
What meal is complete without fire?

Choose from one of their many fabulous course meals with vegetarian and halal options as well. No matter what you choose, you’ll be amazed at the showmanship and presentation of every dish. There are shellfish that crackle as they are lit on fire; a salad contained inside a melon, that can only be opened by removing a small katana; or a gentle tofu and vegetable soup cooked by a hot stone!

The presentation isn’t the only thing on point. The taste and flavor of every dish is irresistible. If you order one of the course meals you’ll be getting a new dish before you can miss the last one. The shuriken (throwing star) crackers and foie gras make for a wonderful appetizer.

Japanese steak cooked to order over potato pasta~
Japanese steak cooked to order over potato pasta~

And as you digest your culinary adventure into the world of ninja, be delighted as a ninja magician visits the table and performs just for you and your party. However, despite the ninja and magic, it’s not really a place for small children unless supervised; most of the guests are here to drink and the corridors are narrow and dark.

After you’ve finished your meal, you’ll be escorted out of the twists and turns of the ninja labyrinth and into a gift shop (available at the Shinjuku and Kyoto restaurants). There are the usual knickknacks here but you might be surprised to see quality ninja weapon replicas as well. If you’re a fan of ninja or just excellent cuisine then the Ninja restaurant is the place to go! There are two in Tokyo and even one in Kyoto!

Getting there

Get off at Akasaka-Mitsuke Station on the Ginza and Marunouchi lines for easy access. But beware--the door to the restaurant is very inconspicuous, keep your eyes open!

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Elizabeth S 2 years ago
Tokyo’s theme restaurants and bars deliver on the atmosphere and usually the food is pretty good.
Kim 4 years ago
The dessert bonsai...so cool!!
Sleiman Azizi 4 years ago
Dined here many years ago. How should I put this.... I found it cute.
Shinobu Ishikawa 4 years ago
This is a place where I have been long wanting to go!! I was wondering if the taste of dishes here is good, although the place should be fun. But the article answered my question. Thank you very much! Also, I didn't know there is one in Kyoto.
Serena Ogawa Author 4 years ago
It's an amazing experience, you won't be disappointed!

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