Top 4 Free Things to See in Tokyo

Symbols of the city that freely open to the public

 By Gloria Ticconi   Jan 20, 2017

Tokyo is usually considered an expensive city, but it is not always so. There are many unique attractions that you can find only in Tokyo and are completely free to enjoy. This is a personal list of places you can visit in Tokyo for free. Of course, the city offers many free attractions, but I advise you to not miss these.

  1. Tsukiji Fish Market handles around 450 kinds of fish and ~2,000 tons of marine products everyday.
  2. The 243 m tall Metropolitan Government building gives us a breathtaking view of the city from both its North and South observation desks.
  3. When the Imperial Palace gardens open to the public you can see the ancient structures of the Imperial Palace, against a backdrop of skyscrapers.
  4. Finally, the futuristic Odaiba, with its replica Statue of Liberty, the Rainbow Bridge and giant Gundam statue regularly welcoming keen onlookers.
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