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Japanese Vending Machines

What's your favorite?

On every corner of every street, on every top of every mountain, in parks, in department stores, in universities and at airports: there is no place where you can’t find a vending machine in Japan - but what to choose!? This video gives you a little overview, letting you know of some of the offered drinks. We asked some passers-by what kind of drink they got and how it tastes. Have a look and get an idea which drink could be your next one!

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Anonymous 7 years ago
I really love this video. It's fun to see everyone's favorite drinks and it's also really informative. I remember when I went to Japan and I was so surprised at how everywhere you turn there seems to be a vending machine. Not only that, but in my hotel there was a beer vending machine which really shocked me.
Meg Sing 8 years ago
It's a great and very informative video! I saw one that recommended different drinks for different people based on the information it gathered from the camera sensor on the front of the machine. It even showed calorie amount per drink and the daily weather forecast...
Izumi Kershaw 8 years ago
Love the video!
Justin Velgus 8 years ago
In Tohoku you can find simple vending machines that sell local farm foods. Also, many are starting to have get upgraded with solar panels.
Jeradyne Cheong 8 years ago
This is such a cute video

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