Yajima at Tokyo's Fish Market

Incredible miso oyster ramen

By Peter Lin    - 1 min read

Yajima is a seafood restaurant in the Tsukiji fish market. In winter, the seasonal seafood specialty is oysters, and the oyster (kaki) miso ramen is a must-have. There are other dishes including fried rice, shumai and salt flavored (shio) ramen as well as yakisoba. Yajima is busy but rarely has the lines of the popular sushi restaurants in the inner market. It is a unique type of ramen worth making the morning trip for.

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Peter Lin

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I first visited Japan in 2001 and since then have returned many times. With the efficiency and reliability of its transportation, the graciousness of the people, and the dedication to quality in food and service, Japan has been my standard for modern travel convenience. Every return has reminded me of the remarkable depth and diversity of the country with no two trips being alike, despite retracing steps through familiar neighborhoods. The constant dynamism of the urban centers combined with the emphasis on tradition, sense of aesthetics, and attention to detail make it one of the most exciting places to visit and an inexhaustible land for novel experiences, modern and ancient.