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Know more about the history of Geisha and discover places to enjoy dressing up like one for a day, buy traditional accessories, visit teahouses and admire real Geisha and Maiko.

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Welcome to the Somaro Teahouse in Sakata. Explore the interior of a beautiful teahouse, learn about the history of geisha in Sakata, appreciate the paintings of Takehisa Yumeji, and indulge in perhaps the greatest attraction of all, seeing maiko dance.
Transform yourself into a Geisha or Samurai and have professional photos taken in Tokyo.
Niigata’s geisha are called “Furumachi Geigi” and they are not some illusive creatures but visitors can get close up and watch one of their excellent dance performances
Unique opportunity of a lifetime to step back to Edo period with fan tossing (Tosenkyo) game with junior Geisha (Maiko) plus chance to buy a heirloom
JapanTravel compares the top five Kimono and Yukata hire shops in Kyoto, all close to the major attractions
The deluxe option for Geisha dress up and professional photos in Kyoto