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Mystery, beauty, and elegance (Photo: Bridget Ye)

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Know more about the history of Geisha and discover places to enjoy dressing up like one for a day, buy traditional accessories, visit teahouses and admire real Geisha and Maiko.

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The Maiko of Somaro Teahouse

The Maiko of Somaro Teahouse

Bridget Ye

Welcome to the Somaro Teahouse in Sakata. Explore the interior of a beautiful teahouse, learn about the history of geisha in Sakata,..

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Kyoto Folding Fans Boutique

Kyoto Folding Fans Boutique

Bonson Lam

Unique opportunity of a lifetime to step back to Edo period with fan tossing (Tosenkyo) game with junior Geisha (Maiko) plus chance..