Things to Do in Nara


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If you're visiting Nara, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Stop by Isuien Garden in Nara and discover the unparalleled panoramic view.
A large park in the eastern part of Nara City filled with deer
Horyu-ji Temple's Sai-in (Western) Precinct was established by Prince Shotoku (574-622) for the purpose of training Buddhist priests. It was a big project that announced the dawn of a new era of Japan as a Buddhist country. 
NARA: Miracle-working Kannon at Hase-dera Temple was popular among rich nobles 1000 years ago. Praying here was popular among those who wanted their wishes fulfilled.
Toshodai-ji Temple in Nara is the head temple of the Ritsu sect of Buddhism in Japan. The Ritsu sect mainly studies and practices Buddhist precepts and rules. In 759, Chinese
Mount Yoshino has been known for its blossoms and tradition of mountain worship (shugendo) since antiquity. Shrines, sweeping sakura, and hermitage huts of past poets.