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Strolling around Negoroji Temple

Take a leisurely walk along Otani River

I visited Negoroji Temple in Wakayama, a temple renowned as a cherry blossom viewing spot, on April 10th in 2011.

Any famous cherry blossom viewing spot becomes heavily crowded at this time of the year! Although Ohanami drinking parties are a lot of fun, it would be great to enjoy cherry blossoms that Japanese people love so much in a quiet, relaxing setting once in a while. Thus, every spring I can't decide where to go to enjoy cherry blossoms.

That's when I come to Negoroji Temple, which has gorgeous cherry blossoms spreading all over spacious temple grounds. The Otani River flows through the premises. I always love walking along the pathway beside the river and enjoying the petals dancing on the spring breezes.

Cherry Blossoms at Negoroji Temple in Wakayama

  1. Perfect Day for Cherry Blossoms
  2. Strolling around Negoroji Temple
  3. Negoroji Temple is Pure Japan!
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