Akiyoshi Cave

A spelunking adventure of the Japanese kind

By Tristan Scholze   Mar 20, 2013 - 1 min read

In the western tip of Honshu, Japan’s largest island, under a hilly karst plateau, their lies a hole in the ground. Not an ordinary, dirty, smelly hole. Rather, a large, well-lit, somewhat misty, surprisingly-noisy-at-times hole. Inside are hidden extraordinary things: secret passages with dragons, jellyfish climbing a waterfall, a hundred saucers, a thousand rice fields, a king, the goddess of mercy, and a gold pillar. Some of these can be seen within the images ahead, and many more will wait for you to behold in person. Although eventually the hole comes to an end, it flows out into the forests, mountains, and rocky steppe with creatures great and small beyond its gate. During this brief otherworld encounter, time, space, and thoughts of all these things merge into one. And a river runs through it.

Name in Japanese
秋芳洞—akiyoshidō—Akiyoshi Cave

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