The main work of the exhibition (Photo: The Sacred Mountain in the Dawn – Yoshihiro Tanamachi)
Oct 22nd
Nov 27th
The main work of the exhibition (Photo: The Sacred Mountain in the Dawn – Yoshihiro Tanamachi)

Tanamachi Exhibition in Nanbu 2022

Featuring huge new artwork of Mount Fuji in dawn light

Venue: Koichi Kondo Memorial Nanbu Municipal Art Museum When: Oct 22nd - Nov 27th 2022

A solo exhibition of paintings by Yoshihiro Tanamachi will be held in Nanbu in October and November. The main piece of the exhibition will be a recently completed painting of Mount Fuji, 'The Sacred Mountain in the Dawn'.

Measuring approximately 1.8 x 5.5 m, the huge artwork took Tanamachi about four months to complete including the time spent gathering motifs . It features a majestic snow-capped Mount Fuji surrounded by clouds tinged with the pink light of dawn. This will be its first gallery showing.

The art is executed in genuine Japanese materials. Specially mixed traditional Japanese pigments are fixed onto washi paper backed by wooden panels using a paste made of rendered cow bone. The pigments used give the surface of the art a grainy, three dimensional feel and add to the dynamic beauty of the piece.

The exhibition will also include about twenty-five landscape paintings of Nanbu and Yamanashi scenes, such as paintings of the Fuji River, a famous old cherry blossom tree and a nostalgic old wooden school building.

Traditional wooden school building
Traditional wooden school building (Photo: Yoshihiro Tanamachi)

The venue for the exhibition will be the Koichi Kondo Nanbu Municipal Art Museum. Entrance to the Tanamachi exhibition is free, but if you want to view the museum’s permanent exhibitions, a fee of 300 yen will be charged. for adults (200 yen for students up to Junior High).

You can view the exhibition from Saturday October 22nd to Sunday November 27th (The museum is closed Mondays and Nov 4th & Nov 24th.) Opening hours are from 9:30 until 5pm.

The artist can speak English well. If you are interested in meeting Mr Tanamachi, he plans to attend the gallery on Oct 22nd, 23rd, Nov 17th,19th, 26th & 27th.

Painting of a very old cherry tree in Yamanashi
Painting of a very old cherry tree in Yamanashi (Photo: Hizatate-no-Tennou-Sakura – Yoshihiro Tanamachi)

Getting there

The nearest station is Utsubuna Station on JR Minobu Line, about 20 minutes walk across the river from the museum.

If you plan to drive there, car parking is available.

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I'm inclined to plan a trip to Nanbu town in Yamanashi Prefecture.
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I'm also planning to go. I've only seen photos, and I want to see it in real life!

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