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The Japanese have a long history with bamboo in their folklore, metaphorically linking a mans' strength with this plant – various festivals include the use of bamboo in various forms.
The most enjoyable and convenient way to explore Arashiyama is by renting a bicycle, available from around the train station.
Discover a beach paradise in the Kyoto Prefecture complete with an outdoor bath on the beach!
Hike up a mountainside, feed wild monkeys and enjoy the view at Kyoto’s Iwatayama Monkey Park.
Since the inception of Kyoto more than a thousand years ago the nobility have retreated to this seaside resort
A walk along the Kamo River: Experience Kyoto's culture through Kamogawa riverbanks.
Cherry blossoms and Geishas make a heady mix in the canals surrounding Gion, Kyoto. Strolling the Shirakawa Canal is a beautiful way to start your evening.
The best way to get to the top of Hieizan, through the Hieizan ropeway!