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Travelling abroad to discover new places, getting to know different cultures and learning foreign languages has always been my passion. I was born and raised in Germany; however, for a few years now I've been very lucky to be able to spend my life abroad. I lived for some time in England and Italy before moving to Japan in October 2009.

It took me a while to adapt to this very different world; however, travelling up and down the country has helped me to not only adapt, but to actually fall in love with this country Japan. It has also reawakened my interest in photography, so whenever I get a chance I pack my camera and discover something new.

Japan is full of beautiful but less well-known places. To make these more discoverable for everybody, I'm very happy to be able to share my stories and photography on this site, and open a world of extraordinary experiences, which would be difficult to find in a guidebook.

For any queries regarding Tokyo as a travel destination or any of my published articles, please feel free to contact me.

Comments by Nicole

On April 22:
HaruNoHana, Kyoto is always very busy on weekends. I found that traditional accomodation like this ryokan are often booked 3 months in advance, particularly the weekends. So if you can, plan ahead and choose a weekday for your visit. Good luck!
Ryokan Yamazaki
On April 22:
The choice of fish is really unbelievable. I have never seen anything like this before. They also clean it for you when you ask them. Cooking however, would need to take place at home :-)
Tsukiji Fish Market
On April 22:
Shibuya is busy indeed :-) However, there are also a lot of quiet side alleys to explore, as soon as you move away from the major streets - always worth it!
On March 30:
There are hundreds of them, so you cannot miss them :-) The macaques live in a designated area, if this is what you mean. They are looked after; however, it is still their natural habitat and definitely feels as such.
Snow Monkeys in Nagano
On March 27:
This looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing; simply stunning!
Gorogatake Sea of Clouds
On March 17:
My favorite public onsen is Goshiki Onsen in Hokkaido, it's in the Niseko area:
Welcome to the Yarimi no Yu
On March 17:
Wouter, it's because it tastes better than irish beer :-) Okay, won't say a word about irish stout, but the Paulaner is definitely better than the Newcastle Brown Ale next to it!
I Love Ireland Festival
On March 11:
That's an awesome find Bryan. I'll need to check it out if it can top my favorite onsen :-))
Welcome to the Yarimi no Yu

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<p>Just before the sunrise. </p> <p>Monks live here so expect to see them on your travels</p> <p>Trailing sprays of pink weeping plum</p> <p>Looking north toward, the Shin-Hotaka Ropeway is visible on the mountain on the right.</p> <p>Bentendo Hall stands on the edge of a large pond</p> <p>A-Z Cafe</p> <p>This is the reception area at the entrance. To the left, you will find the reception desk and a display of small Japanese souvenirs for sale</p> <p>Fujiwara buried in the snow</p> <p>Outside corridors around the garden</p> <p>On top of the world in the Japanese Alps.</p> <p>Books in the lounge area.</p> <p>The cafe was a surprise find one evening on my way to dinner. The sky blue exterior and large windows just look too pretty not to check it out!</p> Kenpukuji Temple in Autumn The exterior of the gorgeous cafe and its exterior in late autumn. Entrance to Kirishimaya Ryokan This is the sign at the entrance of Fraleet Alley Moss plants and white sand in the inner garden represent the land and the vast ocean respectively. Stone arrangements and other miniature elements are used to represent mountains and natural water elements and scenes, islands, rivers and waterfalls. Marunouchi Café SEEK in Chiyoda is a small contemporary space which has a calming atmosphere The restauarnt has a really warn out and rustic design. I was told the Japanese word to describe it is ajiga aru, The Onsen style corridor leading to the baths is beautiful. A leafy, peaceful courtyard. The views of Mt Yotei's crater change as you walk around the rim Creative signage. Kayaking in the Kumano area is a wonderful experience because of the beauty of the landscape. Our special guide played the conch in certain spots of the route, which made the journey unique Kamata Hakensha shopfront nanoblock The chef hands over the otoro (fatty tuna). Cafe mocha at Cafe Katsuo My finds; the smaller papers range from ¥126 (waves) to ¥315 (goldfish), and the larger prints are ¥840 and up Cafe Shu's beautifully presented hamburger lunch Nakamachi-dori view from the end Isegen Japanese Monkfish Restaurant is housed in a historical building in a quiet laneway away from Akihabara and Kanda Stations Fantastic view from “Panorama-dai” The sights, smells and sounds of Mt. Iwo A real log cabin in the woods From the entrance to the pool A bride on the waterways of Itako Stone walkway to Japanese style rooms. A view of the Guesthouse Sakuya from the road with Mt Fuji in the background Wild onions are ripe for the picking Ichimura Soba on the road from Hirafu to Kutchan A solitary willow tree welcomes you to the 19th century Gate guarded by Karasu Tengu The Little Prince standing on a street Yagumo-jinja Shrine Temple Garden The house is often used as a set in period dramas Sou Sou is housed in a 120 year old building, built from the cedar wood that grows in abundance around Kaneyama. Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki The temple is full of green Looking down over the scenic Yamadera temple in mid-autumn Cherry blossom viewing festivities at Koganei Park Nagataya Koishikawa Botanical Garden Former Medical School Building Small shelter for jizo statues (Jizo-do) near the rock garden Kameido Shrine and Skytree in the background at night The Daibutsu as seen from the entrance to the grounds Red lanterns with temple roof in the background A beautiful lantern in the autumn The VIPs who left their signatures here are all former Prime Ministers. This is where it starts!  Generally signposting is very good. The Shibayamagata Lagoon fountain lights up at night Sliding shoji doors with a great deal of Japanese atmosphere Sushi Balls Scenic Mountains in the background The Yumei no Tsuri Bashi This old fellow is 300 years old! It is almost impossible to get this shot of hydrangea at this most popular spot, without any people! Western Style residence The waterwheel Only three stops away from Tokyo Sky Tree, this market has a countryside atmosphere. Green Valley cabin <p>Joy of grinding your own goma or sesame seeds</p> Marker with the name of the gardens Origami dragon boat complete with tiny passengers The view from the summit SCAI The Bathhouse is easy to miss, despite the large sign 45 degree steep rise of Takachiho-dake Lake Inawashiro The beer cauldron Drinking water from the mouth of the devil This restaurant is like your grandmas country kitchen Thousands of rice paddies of all shapes and sizes are carved into the hillside. On a crisp sunny day, you can see the great Mt. Fuji from a small observation deck. Go down a little bit more and you will reach another deck that faces the sea and mountains around Kamakura. What a wonderful view! Front site of Sankyo Rice Warehouses in Sakata City

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