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On Japanese Vending Machines 3 weeks ago
Awesome video, thanks a lot. I do miss vending machines outside Japan now!
On Chureito Pagoda, Fujiyoshida 3 weeks ago
Thank you all for your nice comments! I have to admit that I also didn't know it was THIS spot before I went, so it was a nice surprise even for me :-)
On Magnificent Colors of Mt. Mitake 4 weeks ago
I miss the autumn color season in Japan very much, thanks for this wonderful submission. I guess it is my favorite time of the year in Japan!
On Mitsutouge Sansou Mountain Lodge a month ago
Thank you Niek! I am glad you could made it to the lodge. It looks fantastic. I only stayed there for a quick picnic lunch on my tour, enjoying the views, but I can imagine spending the night there is an experience of its owns!
On Ninja Training at Hanayashiki 2 months ago
This is awesome! Didn't know about this… sooo cool!