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On Yanaka, Tokyo yesterday
Wonderful photos! Like this style very much, as it really reflects the charm of the neighborhood. Thank you!
On Shinagawa's Princess Garten a week ago
This is an incredible find! Thank you so much for sharing. I love these surprises that Tokyo keeps offering. I am sure there are many more!
On What I Will Remember Most 3 weeks ago
Great summary, thank you Daniel! It is funny that you mention the "see-through" umbrellas, as I am also a big fan of them. I have taken a couple of them with me to Europe and I guard them jealously, although it seems that over here nobody is really interested in them, so luckily I still have and love them. Great invention indeed, so convenient!
On Tokyo's Ikegami Line 'Top 10' 3 weeks ago
Great input! I love this kind of off-the-beaten-path articles. This is how you really get to know Tokyo. Thanks as well for the great suggestions in terms of the baths. So many in that area, I had no idea...
On Popin' Cookin Sushi Candy Kit a month ago
This is awesome, well done!!