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Uramakiya 'Inside Out Rolls' Tokyo

American-style sushi in Higashi Azabu

Hidden along a quiet shotengai in Higashi Azabu is Uramakiya, a fantastic little sushi bar that specializes in American-style rolls like the California, dragon, Philadelphia, caterpillar, & many more.

The atmosphere is hip, yet relaxed - with seats along a counter overlooking the kitchen, a tall table for two, and a back room that contains two regular four-person tables. Menus are completely bilingual, and are full of tempting color photos. The staff is very friendly and the owner himself speaks great English.

Uramakiya is open for lunch from 11:30 to 15:00, with a last order at 14:30. There are three lunch sets to choose from - all cost less than ¥1,200, tax included. 'C' lunch includes a choice of appetizer, a choice of three rolls, soup and salad.

Appetizer choices include: simmered root vegetables with chicken, fried fish, grilled chicken with a black pepper sauce, assorted deep-fried foods, and a daily special. There are 16 rolls to choose from, and a lunch drink of coke, ginger ale, oolong tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, or Calpis is an extra ¥100.

Uramakiya reopens for dinner from 17:30 to 23:00, with a last order at 22:30. In the evening, there are 50 different rolls to choose from - they are served in four pieces, and almost all are priced between ¥400-700. Customers are also welcome to 'create their own'. For those who want something more traditional, some sashimi is also available.

In addition to favorites, like the rainbow or California roll, meat lovers can order rolls of 'beef & ginger' or 'teriyaki chicken'. Vegetarians can enjoy a 'vege', 'vege tempura', or 'flower' roll. There is something for everyone, including an interesting and tasty 'cheese quattro'!

On the other hand, customers who want to dine on something other than sushi can choose from a variety of side dishes like edamame, tofu, a selection of salads, oven baked mussels, grilled shrimp, etc. Top it all off with a serving of ice cream. Soft drinks are ¥300, alcoholic drinks start around ¥500, and bottles of wine can be purchased for ¥3,000 - ¥7,000.

All of the prices are very reasonable, but for those on an especially tight budget, Uramakiya offers a fantastic dinner special. For just over ¥2,000, this special includes a tasty appetizer plate, choice of two rolls, and one drink (red, white, or sparkling wine, draft beer, or a 'sour').

Uramakiya is a 10 minute walk (or less) from Akabanebashi, Azabu Juban, and Kamiyacho Stations. They have a bilingual website, and it is also possible to call, in English or Japanese, for take-out. Be aware, they are closed on Sundays.

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Sandra Isaka Author 4 years ago
Uramakiya is now permanently closed.
Nicole Bauer 8 years ago
Thanks for the info Sandy. And another one for my long list of places to visit!
Sandra Isaka Author 8 years ago
Today was Uramakiya's last 'open' day in 2015. They will re-open on January 5.

Thank you for your support!

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