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Greek Taverna Milieu

Azabu-Juban's finest Greek cuisine

If you’re in the mood for some Mediterranean dining but are in Tokyo, never fear, you don’t need to fly to Greece to get your fix. Instead, visit Milieu Greek Taverna in Azabu-Juban for a thrilling encounter with the fresh taste of Greek dishes.


The cute shop invites you inside
The cute shop invites you inside

Founded in 2009 by Masaharu Manaka, this little tavern is perfect for small encounters or parties. Manaka was once the Japanese Ambassador’s chef in Athens, Greece, and so he is intimately knowledgeable about the ingredients, methods, and dishes that go together to create the perfect Greek meal.


Dips and pita bread
Dips and pita bread

Among some of the healthiest foods in the world, Mediterranean cuisine’s signature ingredient of olive oil adds a rich and aromatic flavor profile to each of its dishes. Among the menu at Milieu, you’ll find amazing foods that even a neophyte to Greek food can enjoy.


Each dish is carefully made to bring out the fullest flavor of its parts. And each one succeeds beautifully. From the appetizing appetizers of olives, tzatziki (Greek-yogurt based) and melitzanosalata (eggplant based) dip with pita bread, to the dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat), and of course the grilled halloumi cheese from Cyprus.

Fried halloumi cheese
Fried halloumi cheese

Moving on to the main course, you can choose from fish-based cuisine or land-based, such as charcoal-grilled octopus, skewered spiced whitefish, Greek meatballs, and even moussaka.

And don’t forget the baklava for dessert!

Getting there

Use Exit 6 at Azabu-Juban Station on the Oedo or Nanboku Line. From there, it's a 5-minute walk to Milieu.

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Kim a year ago
One of my favorite cuisines! Looks great!