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On Sand-Art Contest at Shirahama Beach 8 months ago
Subula, this is their address (in Japanese). Copy and Paste this and send them a letter by regular mail. They will write back to you: 〒6...
On Shrine on the Beach 9 months ago
No way. I loved it.
On Lotus Flowers at Chiba Koen a year ago
Victoria, if you are in Tokyo now, the easiest (and biggest) lotus pond to visit is at Ueno Park. There MIGHT be some lotus left.
On Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb Dome a year ago
Late morning on a rainy day. There were some kids there on a school trip (see comment above), but I waited for them to leave.
On Ashikaga Flower Park in May - Part 2 2 years ago
Yup, I've been to this park. It is even more stunning up close! Coming soon in May!