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Yokohama’s Marine and Walk

Cool ocean breezes with seafront views

With summer well and truly upon us, there has never been a better excuse to get out and enjoy the sights, (while also trying to social-distance responsibly). For some of us, the thought of escaping to a nice beach or doing some summertime shopping might be an appealing option or perhaps even both? Traditionally, I have always preferred the former, since the thought of shopping, (even when putting aside the current COVID 19 situation) has never really appealed to me. However, as the famous saying goes “there is always a first time for everything”.

This fire-time experience came in the form of Marine and Walk; a stylist new shopping area located within Yokohama`s ultra-modern Minato Mirai district. In contrast to most other ‘average’ shopping malls, Marine and Walk features an open-air design, while offering a nice collection of select boutiques, cafes and restaurants that represent a refreshing change from the all too common chain-stores and franchise coffee shops and restaurants found in so many other places.

One of the first things that I found when walking around this complex was how relaxed everything felt, something I have rarely experienced when shopping. This is down to two main factors. Firstly, Marine and Walk has been designed to be pedestrian-friendly and has many wide-open areas, filled with an abundance of greenery. In many ways, Marine and Walk is quite reminiscent to the laid-back vibe found at most Christmas Markets. The second factor is the excellent location. Set alongside Yohohama’s bay area, this is one place where you can enjoy some wonderful seaside views. The incorporation of these natural elements and clever design, offers a truly relaxing and (dare I say), enjoyable experience for everyone. In short, Marine and Walk ticks every box on my list and is one of the few shopping areas which I would actually like to go back to

Getting there

Marine and Walk is accessible via a number of stations. The two closet options involve a 9 minute walk from either Bashamichi Station, (Exit 6) or Nihon Odori Station, both of which are located on the Minato-Mirai line.

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