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Akiu Night Museum

Akiu Night Museum

Late Oct - Mid Nov

The annual Light up event at Tensyukaku National Park in Akiu Spa, Miyagi Prefecture, takes place the last week of October to ..

Miyagi, Tenshukaku Natural.. 2 ¥500
Kamiwarizaki Campground

Kamiwarizaki Campground

Andrew Kehoe

Kamiwarizaki is a campground in Minamisanriku that features fantastic ocean views and unique rock formations. Kamiwari is family..

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Aoba Ward Festival 13

Aoba Ward Festival

Laura Welch

The Aoba Ward Festival, not to be confused with the Aoba Festival, is an autumn event that celebrates the culture of the people..

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Uchi Guesthouse

Uchi Guesthouse

Brian Takahashi

Uchi guesthouse is an amazing place to stay in Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture. Not only are the prices significantly less than..

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Hotel Green Park Sendai

Hotel Green Park Sendai

Elena Lisina

Hotel Green Park Sendai is attractive for the accommodation price, spacious rooms, good location and neighborhood. It’s conven..

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