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Best Western Hotel Sendai

Enjoy spacious retreat in the suburbs of Sendai!

When you come to Sendai, and if you are tired of feeling cramped staying in a small hotel room in the center of the city, there's one place you can enjoy space not-so-far-away from JR Sendai Station. Just a 20-minute car ride away from JR Sendai Station, Best Western Hotel Sendai provides you with a 35㎡-room with a great view of the city at a reasonable price (6,500 to 10,000 yen per night). It has a swimming pool, spa and fitness club along with the adjacent Sendai Hills Golf Club course. However, be prepared for this: When you arrive at the hotel, you will find a huge, tall statue of Sendai Daikannon (goddess of mercy) standing next to the hotel waiting for you. And if you are lucky (or unlucky), when you open the windows of your room, the statue might be staring at you...up close!

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