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On S-PAL Mall a year ago
My only problem with S-Pal is that I often found myself getting lost! It's even worse now that it's bigger (^-^;) But I feel like there's a...
On Kawai Tei: Traditional Fast Food a year ago
Sakurano is now closed, so Kawai Tei's food is now only available at Ochiai or Ayashi. And Ochiai seems to be the exclusive seller of all things...
On Zunda Saryo a year ago
The cafe is now on the third floor of the station, round to the left after going up the escalators. The zunda shake is as popular, or even more...
On Bakery Wales a year ago
As of November 2016 to date, the bakery is closed due to management illness.
On Daily's Muffin 2 years ago
They do have another store in Tokyo! The address is on their website, which is linked above.