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Sekizenkan Ryokan

If you are after an authentic Japanese hot spring experience, Sekizenkan Ryokan, an ‘onsen ryokan’, should be one of your top destinations. Sekizenkan Ryokan is a therapeutic

Minakami Kogen Hotel 200

Located only two hours from Tokyo, the Minakami Kogen Hotel 200 offers an impressive variety of activities in every season and is perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

Kusatsu Hotel

In Japan's hot-spring and ski resort of Kusatsu, the Kusatsu Hotel is a charming, atmospheric Japanese hotel with traditional rooms and baths.

Kirishimaya Ryokan

Surrounding the heart of Kusatsu’s famous Yubatake lies Kirishimaya Ryokan, a Japanese style inn owned by Nakazawa-san. However you can call Nakazawa-san by his nickname Gary. Gary Nakazawa is a local of Kusatsu and you will be surprised by his knowledge of medicinal effects of the water, of the Yumomi ritual and Jikan no Yu. The staff members here are Gary Nakazawa and his wife; and although it is a ryokan, at times it felt like I was at a homestay as Gary was more than happy to ask me what I did that day, telling me all the people he had met, recommending nearby attractions and sharing me his knowledge of Kusatsu’s waters.

Metropolitan Hotel Takasaki

Metropolitan Hotel Takasaki, a hotel that blends flawlessly with its city surroundings, is the place for you if convenience and comfort are your top priorities when in Gunma prefecture. 

Maebashi Sakura Hotel

For those in Maebashi city and looking for a place to stay, look no further than Maebashi Sakura Hotel. Offering comfort, convenience and practicality all rolled casually into one package, Maebashi Sakura Hotel is simply a seven minute walk away from JR East Maebashi station and a five minute walk away from (other operator) Chuo Maebashi station.