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Top 10 Experiences in Nobeoka

Top 10 Experiences in Nobeoka


Experience the little-known small town of Kyushu's Pacific coastline with natural treasures from mountain to ocean and historic..

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Gokase Highland Ski & Snowboard

Gokase Highland Ski & Snowboard

Bonson Lam

Who would know that just a 300 kilometre drive from the subtropical beaches and mango farms is a ski and snow park, being the southernmost..

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Hiking Mt. Karakuni 17

Hiking Mt. Karakuni

Tristan Scholze

Kirishima's tallest peak is a relatively short hike from forest into the clouds to the barren, rocky rim of this volcano&#..

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Fudo Pond 8

Fudo Pond

Tristan Scholze

The easiest of Kirishima's volcanic crater lakes to access and part of the Ikemeguri Nature Trail.

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