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Harbor Circuit in Chiba City is an indoor kart track where you can get your pulse racing, regardless of the weather, and quench your need for speed.
In Chiba, Sakura City Municipal Organization Enforcement hosts the Sakura Tulip Festa in the month of April. A field of endless red, yellow and blush colored tulips against a Netherlands windmill backdrop make for a wonderful day with family and friends under the sun. Take full advantage of the farm by touring the windmill, eating local food & drink, bicycle rentals, and sightseeing on the pleasure boat along Lake Inba.
Nihon-ji Temple and its big Buddha are a pleasant surprise for many travelers exploring the trails of Nokogiriyama.
Chiba Zoological Park is comprised of five distinct zones that are well organized, large enough to recreate natural habitats, yet small enough to see everything on the same visit. Get up close and observe animals like the red pandas, giraffes, monkeys, sloths, and the exotic Hashibirokou, a Shoe-billed Stork. Access Chiba Zoo by exiting Dobutsukoen Sta from the Chiba Monorail.
Nokogiri-yama forms the boundary between the Kazusa and Awa areas of Chiba's Boso Peninsula, and it offers amazing cliff views overlooking all of Tokyo Bay.
Want to milk a cow? Cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs? Race squealing piglets? Mother Farm (aka Mother Bokujo) in Chiba is the place to do it all.
Easily accessible by the Tokyo Wan Ferry and Nokogiriyama Ropeway, Mt Nokogiryama or “Sawtooth Mountain” acquired its distinctive profile from its history as a stone quarry during the Edo Period. Today, at  329 meters high it offers magnificent views & picturesque spots such as the Hundred Shaku Kannon, the largest pre-modern Buddha, and the 1,500 stone figures of Tokai Arhats.
The Chiba Port Tower offers beautiful seascape and cityscape views at a fraction of the cost of those OTHER towers around Tokyo.