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Francois Pompon Exhibition

Exploring around 90 works from this French sculptor

Sep 18th
Nov 14th
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Venue: Nagoya City Museum of Art When: Sep 18th - Nov 14th 2021

For a limited time, the Nagoya City Museum of Art will be hosting an exhibition of works from French sculptor François Pompon (1855 - 1933). Pompon was known for focusing on animals as the theme of his artistic works, and around 90 of them will be displayed at the event. A number of the showcased works are on loan from the Gunma Museum of Art, which is home to Japan's most comprehensive Pompon collection.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 1600 yen.

Getting there

The Nagoya City Museum of Art is located around eight minutes on foot from either Fushimi Station (Nagoya Subway's Higashiyama Line and Tsurumai Line) or Osu Kannon Station (Nagoya Subway's Tsurumai Line).

For those planning to drive to the museum, do note that there's no dedicated on-site parking lot. Patrons are advised to park at the nearby Shirakawa Park lot, which is charged at a cost of 180 yen per 30 minute increment.

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