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Noritake Garden, Nagoya

A place to enjoy open air, shopping and history

A short walk from Nagoya station, Noritake Garden is a place where you can relax on a grassy lawn, eat at a restaurant or cafe, shop for souvenirs, snacks or nice things for your home, and also take in a piece of interesting local history.

It's the site of the first factory of the Noritake porcelain company, opened in 1904 and still standing today, along with six imposing chimneys dating back to 1934 and other remnants. At the Welcome Centre, Craft Centre and Museum you can learn about the company and see examples of its beautiful porcelain products; Fountain Plaza and Chimney Plaza are attractive open spaces, the latter good for playing or picnicking on; and the Stage, Prestige and Box stores sell tableware, ceramics, home goods and imported foods to suit a range of budgets.

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