Nagoya Toyota Automobile Museum

Paradise for those who love cars

By Rey Waters    - 2 min read

On a recent trip to Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan, we had the opportunity to visit the excellent Toyota Automobile Museum.

Nagoya is only 1 hour and 40 minutes by bullet train from Shin-Yokohama and another 25 minutes to the museum. Purchase an all day train/bus pass for only 600 yen ($5), which includes the subway. 

If you like cars, even though it is a little out of the way, it is well worth the trip. The display included many old American, European, and Japanese autos. I even learned something new about Ford Motor Company. They built the original Jeep (GPW) and began auto manufacturing in Yokohama during 1925. 

There is a huge auto library, which contains 11,000 books and related magazines. This is a car lover’s paradise. I saw a 64 Mustang that looked brand new and a sporty Lexis that was one of only four made in the world. There were Model T’s, Tuckers, Mercedes, Rolls, and the first electric auto made in the early 1900’s. The museum is spacious and well lit. 

I was mesmerized by the music LP exhibit room that included record covers of many famous Jazz artists, along with early turntables and phonographs.

There are various events and special exhibits throughout the year. Make sure to check their web page for dates and times. English tours are offered if you book in advance.

In January 2016 the museum began a major renovation, which will be in phases to allow for continued public exhibition. 

I grew up around cars because my dad was an auto mechanic and this museum brought back many fond childhood memories. 

The museum shop offers themed souvenirs and if your hungry you can chose from the Book café in the annex or a full service restaurant in the main building.

The Toyota Automobile Museum is a must see on your trip to Nagoya. 

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