Ishiguro Samurai House, Kakunodate

Prestigious residence of the highest degree

By Jeremy Yap    - 1 min read

Coming from such a rich line of culture and heritage, it has to be tough being descendants of the Ishiguro Family Clan, the most prestigious Samurai clan in the Kakunodate region. Nonetheless, the family has taken into its stride, turning their humbled home into a museum so as to showcase to the world their samurai heritage. Its definitely well worth the 300 Yen entrance fee (250 Yen if you get hold of the Tohoku Regional Passport at the Kakunodate Information Center that is located 20 meters from JR Kakunodate Station). Here you can to see how the Ishiguro family used to live, throughout the four seasons. You discover ancient tools such as winter boots and baby strollers. More importantly, you get to see the rich history of weapons and artifacts that the Ishiguro Family has which includes Samurai armor and of course, katana swords . More importantly, the history of the house is carefully narrated by family members of the Ishiguro Family in both Japanese and English.

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