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Aomori's Amazing Apples

The best way to enjoy apples is pick them yourself

When I am not teaching English, I am trying to find places that are secretly hidden in Aomori. I was invited by my boss to join him and his family in picking apples in their own apple orchard in beautiful Hirosaki. However, nearby is Ringo (Apple) Land with restaurants and a hot spring ready to welcome all. There are apple picking experiences all throughout the prefecture during apple season (early September to mid November), so any tourist center should be able to point you in the right direction.

I had no experience in picking apples, but seeing as that more than 50 % of Japan's apples come from Aomori, I dived head first into the opportunity. Apples were everywhere, you can see them, smell them, taste them, touch them, and even hear the small click they made when you picked them from the tree. I was in an apple wonderland full of enjoyment and bliss. These photos are just some few pictures I took that encapsulates the wonderful time I had when I picked apples in Aomori.