The Tanesashi Coast Promenade

A walk along the Japanese coastline

By Imogen Riethmuller    - 1 min read

The Tanesashi Coast Promenade in Hachinohe is a 5km pathway that winds along the coastline, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Hachinohe, the largest city in the eastern Aomori Prefecture, is an industrial and commercial center for the region, and as a result can come across at times as crowded and artificial. The unspoiled Tanesashi Coast takes you away from that. The promenade takes you at some times across rugged cliffs, at others across smooth beaches, and ends with the beautiful, green Tanesashi lawn. The Tanesashi Coast is a nationally-designated Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan for good reason.

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Imogen Riethmuller

Imogen Riethmuller @imogen.riethmuller