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On Odaiba Nights 3 years ago
That's lovely to hear, Sonakshi!
On The Shinkansen Experience 3 years ago
I agree! They're very relaxing trains to travel in!
On Kill Bill Inspiration at Gonpachi 4 years ago
There sure is an actual restaurant! It's right on the corner of the crossing, and I actually walked past it twice before finding the door. You...
On A Stroll Along Aomori Bay 4 years ago
Thanks Shawn! Of course, as I'm sure you know as a local, there's plenty more in Aomori as well! I just loved the bay area especially.
On Stormy Skies over Kawaguchi-ko 4 years ago
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. It was a great day to take photos - my personal favourite is the second one along, with the lone fisherman....