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Spend time with micro pigs at several locations across Japan

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Japan is home to a number of different animal cafes, where visitors can interact with cats and owls to goats and rabbits. There is even a chain of animal cafes dedicated to micro pigs called MiPig, and it has branches in several major cities across the country.

Micro pigs are also known as teacup pigs, and they're revered for their intelligence and cleanliness. They're so smart that they can respond to basic verbal commands, and can even learn how to go to the bathroom in a designated spot. Micro pigs are also great for people who have allergies, since their hair is shorter and less likely to shed than other domesticated animals like dogs and cats.

Photo: SaLaDa Co., Ltd.

Along with being a place where you can interact with these adorable animals, MiPig branches serve as a place where micro pigs can learn how to socialize with humans and other pigs. Once they are fully grown, they can be adopted as family pets (more details on that in Japanese here), so the cafes serve as an important step in their development.

Another pleasant aspect to the MiPig cafes is that the pigs are allowed to take frequent breaks if they seem tired or if there is any change to their physical condition. The health and safety of the animals is of paramount importance, and this comes through in the attitudes the staff have towards allowing them to rest.

Unlike some animal cafes, there is no age limit for entry here, meaning that children of all ages are welcome – but do note that adult supervision is required for those in elementary school or younger. Reservations are required to visit, and they can be arranged via the MiPig website.

Getting there

Mipig has several locations across Japan, including major cities like Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. More details on their branches and how to access them can be found on the official MiPig website.

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Bonson Lam a week ago
Interesting. A bit like miniature dogs. Too tempting to sneak one out in the handbag.
Kim Author a week ago
Yes, they're so adorable!
Sleiman Azizi 2 weeks ago
Micro pig? Never ever heard of it. The things you learn eh....
Kim Author 2 weeks ago
It's great to always be learning something!