Oi Wharf Central Bayside Park

Sports and space galore in Shinagawa

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Another one of Tokyo's massive public spaces, Oi Wharf Central Bayside Park is a sports lovers paradise. Complete with six baseball fields, two soccer fields, twelve tennis courts, a certified athletics field, a Japanese gateball field and a sports stadium, the park can't be accused of skimping on the action.

With size, though, comes opportunity and the park turns out to also be an excellent place for families looking to enjoy a relaxing day out in the sun. With sakura cherry blossom viewing areas, BBQ area, walking trails, a dog run area, fantastic views of the harbour as well a number of forested groves and ponds, the park is an ideal space for a picnic with family and friends.

Entrance to the park (Photo: Kamemaru2000)
Entrance to the park (Photo: Kamemaru2000)

Opened to the public in the late 1970s, Oi Wharf Central Bayside Park is one of Tokyo's many examples of made for purpose public spaces. Both the park's sporting facilities and its public spaces have proven to be a hit with city's residents. The sports fields feature night lighting allowing for evening and night events and along with the seating, makes the park a great location for some local experience.

Nicely rustic look to the park's office (Photo: じぇいなす)
Nicely rustic look to the park's office (Photo: じぇいなす)

The forested groves with their ponds and walking trails are great for a cool walk away from the sun. The Seseragi no Mori grove features ponds and plenty of tombo dragonflies and butterflies, the cherry blossom areas are a natural for the hanami season while the Nagisa no Mori grove offers fishing opportunities along the harbour water complete the rather expansive local feeling to be had here.

Full of sports, space and things to enjoy, Oi Wharf Central Bayside Park is a great location for a modern local feeling in Shinagawa City.

Getting there

The park is a 6-minute walk from Oikeibajo-Mae Station on the Tokyo Monorail. You can board the monorail at Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line. The trip from Hamamatsucho Station is 8 minutes.

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Kim B a week ago
Always like parks where pups are welcome! Looks great!
Sleiman Azizi Author a week ago
There are quite a few parks with official dog run areas.