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Shinagawa’s Best 8 Sakura Spots

See the best cherry blossoms Shinagawa has to offer

Shinagawa City has many amazing places where you can enjoy cherry blossoms. Here is a list of the best eight cherry blossom viewing spots. You’ll also find that these places are not only inexpensive to visit but also often have fewer people than other places in Tokyo.

Meguro River cherry blossoms

Meguro River is a popular cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. About 1350 cherry blossom trees bloom along the 7-km river. Enjoy a leisurely cherry blossom viewing that you can't find anywhere else.

Meguro River cherry blossoms
Meguro River cherry blossoms (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

Kamurozaka Street

A one-minute walk from Fudo-mae Station (Tokyu Meguro Line), Kamurozaka's row of cherry blossom trees, which has been selected as one of Shinagawa's 100 Views, stretches for 480 meters. Admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom on the slopes as if they blanket the sky. At the Kamurozaka Sakura Festival, you can enjoy a variety of food stalls. Walk along while looking up at the cherry blossoms.

Kamurozaka Sakura Festival
Kamurozaka Sakura Festival (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)


During the era of the 8th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune (1684-1751), cherry tree planting was promoted in the area of Gotenyama. Even in the Edo period, it was a popular tourist spot for cherry blossoms, drawing the attention of Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock printing) artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai. The Gotenyama Sakura Festival combines cutting-edge art and technology. Enjoy illuminated nighttime cherry blossoms that change color according to voices nearby.

Gotenyama (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

Tennozu / Higashi-Shinagawa Sea Park

Higashi-Shinagawa Sea Park is a refreshing seaside park located at the mouth of the Meguro River. In addition to cherry blossoms, visit the Rooftop Garden and the Miffy Flower Bed to experience more views of springtime. Be sure to enjoy the playground where adults and children can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing leisurely. And if the weather isn’t on your side, why not experience the Sakura Aquarium at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa near Shinagawa Station?

Tennozu Higashishinagawa Marine Park
Tennozu Higashishinagawa Marine Park (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)


Follow along the Tachiai-doro Street for a 2-km-long row of 167 cherry blossom trees. When the cherry trees bloom on both sides of the road the create a fairytale-like tunnel. There are many shopping streets in the area, so be sure to enjoy a slow cherry blossom walk while shopping.

Nishi-Koyama (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

Shinagawa Central Park

Shinagawa Central Park in front of Shinagawa City Office offers not only Yoshino cherry trees but also turmeric, a pale-yellow flower. Marvel at this vista of pink and yellow and feel spring come to life around you.

Shinagawa Ward Office Shinagawa Central Park
Shinagawa Ward Office Shinagawa Central Park (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

Shinagawa Flower Road (Hanakaido)

See the pretty seasonal flowers at Shinagawa Flower Road (Hanakaido) along the Katsushima Canal. In spring, rapeseed blossoms and Yoshino cherry tree are in full bloom. Shinagawa Flower Road is a popular photo spot where you can enjoy the combined view of rapeseed blossoms and cherry blossoms against the canal scenery. Enjoy stage events and bazaars at the Sakura and Rapeseed Festival held in late March.

Shinagawa Hanakaido
Shinagawa Hanakaido (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

Oi Seaside Park Sports Forest Sakura Plaza

See over 400 Yoshino cherry trees, Oshima cherry trees, and Kanhi cherry trees at Oi Seaside Park Sports Forest Sakura Plaza. Amongst residents of the area, it’s known as a hidden gem for cherry blossom viewing. Enjoy a day out with family and friends, and arrive early if you want to scoop up one of the picnic spots.

Oi Wharf Seaside Park Sports Forest Sakura Plaza
Oi Wharf Seaside Park Sports Forest Sakura Plaza (Photo: Shinagawa Tokyo)

These lovely cherry blossoms won't be around for very long so be sure to catch them while you can! Have you decided where you'll go?


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Lynda Hogan 3 years ago
It will remain to be seen how many people will come to see the sakura with the festivals cancelled, but I think there will still be plenty. We have early blooming cherry blossoms near us and although the sakura matsuri event was cancelled, the place is packed with people every day! Thankfully we can still enjoy the blooms without the festivals.
Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Wonderful spots and my favorite time of a year! )))
Kim 3 years ago
So much beauty!
Sherilyn Siy 3 years ago
With the festivals cancelled, it would probably be a nicer stroll under the cherry blossoms with less people milling about.