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Kuroyu Onsen

The iconic Nyuto Onsen has several hot spring resorts in the beautiful mountains of eastern Akita Prefecture, which are open from Spring to Autumn. You can come as a day visitor or spend a night in the mountain lodges and ryokans.

Journey to Semboku

Semboku is one of the most beautiful parts of Akita Prefecture. With mountains and lakes, onsen hot springs and snow festivals, there is something for everyone, especially if you like nature and the traditions of old Japan.

Oyasu Ravine

The Oyasu area is famous for its volcanic activity deep down in the Earth. The area is strewn with heated pools of water and hot springs. Most famous is Oyasu Ravine.

Discover Japan's Roots in Akita

Semboku City and the nearby Towada region highlight some of the very best the northeast Tohoku region has to offer. With a world class ski resort,  traditional festivals. samurai history, and soothing hot springs, busy travelers are welcomed to Akita with an adventure filled with leisure. 


Goshougake in Akita Prefecture was discovered 300 years ago by some weary samurai. The volcanic landscape also held a secret with its healing hot spring waters.