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Flyboarding at Chiba Port Tower

I believe I can flyboard

Anybody who's spent time in Japan during the summer will tell you this: this period is really 'atsui', or hot, in Japan. But luckily, being an island, Japan has many beaches available for inhabitants and tourists looking for a touch of freshness. At Chiba Port Tower near Chiba-minato station, besides working on your suntan, you’ll be able to experience a new kind of water sport.

Ladies and gentlemen, forget Marty’s Hoverboard, here comes... the Flyboard! The flyboard comprises a water jetpack supplied with power from a connected personal water craft. It will propel you through the air and make you fly above the water, if you can keep your balance!

How high will you fly? 3, 2, 1, splash!

Further information

You'll need to bring swimwear, change of clothes and your own towel. You can rent a wetsuit for ¥1,000. The fee per person is ¥5,000 with optional insurance available for ¥500. Flyboarding is only available on Sundays or public holidays between November and February (10am-5pm for 1 hour), with better availability during the spring, summer and autumn. Bookings or enquiries can be made on 043-241-0125.

More info

Find out more about Chiba Port Tower.


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Michael Mighty 9 years ago
Nice, I want to FLY. lol
Jessica A Paje 9 years ago
This is sooooo AWESOME, Yannick! It's more fun in Chiba! :-)