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Photo: Chiba Port Tower / 千葉ポートタワー(ちばぽーとたわー) – TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) / CC BY 2.0

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About Chiba City

Chiba city is often one of Japan’s underrated cities, passed over in favour of nearby Tokyo and Yokohama. However, this city of near one million residents has many sights and sounds to offer visitors.

With urban parks popular and aplenty in Tokyo, you can avoid the crowd by hopping over to Chiba, an hour away, where Makuhari Kaihin Park is. The landscaped park is vast and great for cherry blossom viewing. It also has a giant clock that is decorated by seasonal flowers.

Chiba is also where you can ride the world’s longest suspended monorail. The 15-kilometer Chiba Urban Monorail allows you to watch the scenery below, which is often an eye-opening experience. The Chiba Port Tower is also another option for spectacular sights, with a 360-degree view of the city and beyond possible on the 125-meter tall building.

Not forgetting Chiba’s cultural side, you can head to Chiba Folk Museum, which is a castle, to read up on the city’s history. The Chiba Shrine is also a great place to experience the Chiba of old in a traditional building. For those looking for something modern, the Hoki Museum and The Chiba City Museum of Science have exhibitions not to be missed.