Food samples representing a variety of countries (Photo: Kanda University)
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Halal Canteen at Kanda University

A Muslim Heaven in Japan

Halal food in Japan, is there any? Here's my story about Halal Canteen at Kanda University, Chiba.

I'm a student of Scholarship Featured Program, studying in KUIS (Kanda University of International Studies). This university is located in Chiba City. The address is 1-4-1, Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, 261-0014, Japan. This university specializes in language courses. Therefore, various languages from many countries, such as Spanish, Chinese, Korean and, of course, Indonesian language also, are offered here.

This university has many canteens because there are lots of students enrolled here; one of the canteens’ names is 食神 “Shokujin”. This canteen offers various types of food with, of course, an affordable price for students. Muslim students shouldn't worry as this canteen also provides halal food. Students can eat here everyday, while the canteen is only accessible to the public on weekends.

Here, all halal foods are labeled as such, so that the buyer can distinguish which products are halal and which are not. While halal is a popular choice, there is also Indonesian cuisine served. The food is all amazingly delicious.

Furthermore, for Muslims who want to pray, this canteen also provides a praying room.

This praying room called "礼拝室" (reihaishitsu) or for us, Muslims, it is called Musholla. This Musholla is located on the 2nd floor of the "食神" and it also provides sajjada (prayer rugs) and sarong (a type of clothing) in a limited quantity for Muslims following Sholat (the five daily prayers).

The Halal Canteen at Kanda University is accessible to the public only on weekends.


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Elizabeth S 4 years ago
The variety of food in the Kanto area is awesome. There’s something for everyone.