Front of Hotel (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)
Front of Hotel (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)
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WAQOO Naritasan Monzen

A luxurious hotel combining modern living with traditional Japanese culture

There are many places throughout Japan where one can experience traditional Japanese culture. The country’s many temples, shrines, and popular prefectures are likely what first comes to mind. Yet, one thing to consider during your visit to Japan is where you will stay. As you will learn, hotel accommodations in Japan vary significantly. Some will simply give you somewhere to stay, while others will enrich your travels by providing unforgettable experiences backed by traditional culture.

Lobby Entrance
Lobby Entrance (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

WAQOO Naritasan Monzen is a luxury hotel and prides itself on its promise to deliver traditional Japanese culture to every guest during their stay. Located in Chiba Prefecture and only a few minutes by car from the Narita International Airport, the hotel makes for a great place to rest shortly after your arrival.

Breakfast Cuisine
Breakfast Cuisine (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

Upon arriving, you will be greeted by the hotel staff as you begin your check-in. The staff will kindly guide you from the lobby to the restaurant where you will wait as they make final preparations in your room. They will serve green tea and a small Japanese dessert as you wait. Upon finishing your tea and snack, hotel staff will guide you and introduce you to your room—pointing out all amenities, and answering any questions you may have to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind there are staff that speak very good English.

Public Bath House
Public Bath House (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

Constructed recently in October 2022, WAQOO Naritasan Monzen offers several different room layouts to facilitate a variety of guests. Each room features something different than the others, so be sure to check which one is right for you during your stay. You will notice the modern design and appreciate how well it conforms with the traditional elements of Japanese hotels. Rooms feature beds, bathrooms, TVs, complimentary drinks, coffee, tea, and toiletries. You will also find yukata and traditional slippers, adding to the experience. The rooms are luxurious and live up to their images.

Deluxe Suite
Deluxe Suite (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

The rest of the hotel is decorated with artworks related to the traditional Japanese art “Kabuki” and is always on display for your enjoyment. There is also a public bathhouse so guests can experience Japan’s unique bath culture. Finally, the kitchen offers breakfast and dinners that can be scheduled for your convenience. A variety of seasonal dishes will be served to you by their head chef from Kyoto, creating a unique dining experience.

Dinner Cuisine
Dinner Cuisine (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

While the hotel boasts many things that will make your visit to Narita unique, its best feature is its location. Located just two minutes on foot from the hotel is the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which brings in many tourists and locals alike. WAQOO Naritasan Monzen also shares a street with many traditional street vendors and shops. During the day, you can find things ranging from delicious food to handcrafted goods and souvenirs. Being conveniently placed among so many attractions ensures that each guest can experience all Narita has to offer. At the end of the day, return to WAQOO Naritasan Monzen and settle in for the night, enjoy a delicious dinner, a relaxing bath, or simply settle in your room. Know that at WAQOO Naritasan Monzen, there is no shortage of relaxing, luxurious experiences.

Traditional Japanese Style Room
Traditional Japanese Style Room (Photo: WAQOO Naritasan Monzen)

When it's time to checkout, you will pay the bill for your stay, and the hotel staff will guide you to the entrance and graciously thank you for staying with them. At WAQOO Naritasan Monzen, you will receive the best hospitality and leave feeling eager to return.

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