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Makuhari Seaside Park

Beautiful park in the center of the busy Makuhari area

Running through the center of the chic Makuhari district of Chiba Prefecture is the Makuhari Seaside Park, a beautiful place that highlights the unique atmosphere of the area and takes advantage of its scenic cityscape backdrop. The park is constructed in a T-shape, and therefore divided into two sections: the “Central section” and the “Seaside section."

The Central section runs in a strip from the Kaihin Makuhari Station area towards the waterfront. It is green and lush, a great place to spread a picnic blanket or throw a Frisbee. There is a cool playground for the kids, and a relaxing garden area. At the heart of the Central section is a large clock made from an intricate flower bed, which is built onto a hillside. At the southern part of the Central section, the open park runs into Mihama-en, a gorgeous and immaculately maintained Japanese garden with only a 100 yen entrance charge.

The Seaside section of Makuhari Seaside Park runs next to the waterfront. Unlike the Central section, the Seaside section is filled with meandering paved paths, making it a nice place to walk or cycle, but not so nice to spread out on the grass. The pathways take you through secluded sections of the park, dotted with palm trees, and wander in and out of the main grassy areas. A large blacktopped area in the center is filled with people riding bikes and roller blades, or batting tennis balls around. There are also some playground sets here. The most unique part of this area is a handful of large, plant-cover structures in the shape of a whale, a fish, and a spider that you can walk around and through, and that tend to draw all the attention from kids in the area. At the end of the Seaside section is QVC Marine Field, the home of the Chiba Lotte Marines professional baseball team, whose crowd can be heard roaring and singing on game days throughout the park. The Seaside section also includes Makuhari Beach, which of course is directly on the waterfront.

Both areas of the park are friendly and well tended-to, making them a nice place to spend some time.

The Makuhari Seaside Park can be accessed from the south exit of Kaihin-Makuhari Station (JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines). There are plenty of English signs in the area pointing the way.

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