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Popin' Cookin Sushi Candy Kit

Step-by-step instructions right out of the box

Popin' Cookin candy kits made by Kracie Company are so much fun to make. They are the perfect stocking stuffer at Christmastime for children of all ages. Since they are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits, they're a great learning activity and a reward within itself. However, since the instructions are printed in Japanese, it might be a challenge to successfully make the candy look like what's on the package. This instructional video should help you prepare, make, and enjoy the Popin’ Cookin Sushi candy kit. It’s like magic! Once the various powders are mixed with water, the colors are so vibrant and produce shapes and designs that look so realistic and the taste is fantastic. Candied rice, tamago, tuna, seaweed, and salmon roe have never tasted so sweet and delicious.

For complete instructions in English, be sure to visit Popin’ Cookin Candy Kits by Kracie article right here on JapanTravel.


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Jeradyne Cheong 8 years ago
These look so cute! =D
Nicole Bauer 8 years ago
This is awesome, well done!!
Olga 8 years ago
That's so great! I wanna make it, too.