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9hr: Modern Capsule Hotel at Narita

A unique capsule hotel at Narita Airport

9hr Capsule Hotel just opened at Narita Airport. Although it has been well-known for a few years for its location in Kyoto, I had no chance to stay at the unique hotel, therefore I decided to stay a night at capsule hotel located at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport. Even though it is new, finding it is easy once you get off of train station at Terminal 2.

Having a modern design and being different from other capsule hotels I've known, this hotel is divided into 2 parts: the capsule hotel for males and another for females. This separation is automatic once you're doing payment at the check-in counter. The male guest will go to the left-side door and the female guest will go to the right-side one. Next, you will find lockers to keep your belongings, and don't forget to change your shoes with provided slippers. You'll see the sinks, bathroom, toilets, and the entrance. This capsule hotel puts guest convenience first by providing a rule to keep quiet. A comfortable capsule with full service and an affordable rate (3900 yen/ night) can be a good alternative to spending a night in the airport terminal.

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