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Sengoku Three Sisters Shrine, Fukui

Three Sisters Shrine in Fukui stands on Kitano-Sho Castle Ruins. It enshrines the famous sisters of the Sengoku Period, Chacha, Hatsu, and Go, who were the daughters of Oichi, beautiful sister of Oda Nobunaga.

Nishiyama Park, Sabae

This is a lovely park, known for it cherry blossoms in April, and azaleas in May. There are also a number of festivals held in the park year round. The park also includes a green lawn zone (most parks in Japan don't have grass!), an Adventure Forest, a Japanese Garden, and a zoo. An observation deck near the zoo offers up a beautiful view of the town and Hakusan mountains. When I visited the park in early October, it was just a short walk from the Sabae City Hotel, where I was staying.

Daian-zenji Temple, Fukui

Daian-zenji Temple is located in the picturesque mountainside of Fukui city. 30-min-drive-away from the city center, you can enjoy lovely walking paths in the hills full of flowers, beautiful temple buildings, statues, the mausoleum of Fukui Matsudaira clan, the tomb of the local poet, etc., without fighting with the crowd!