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Gaurav Raja Dahal

Mainly based on the historical tales of the samurai, their battles, and the daily life of common people and merchants, kabuki is very much about the impressive

Experience Kabuki Music 15

Experience Kabuki Music

Aude Beaumond

Get the opportunity to experience Kabuki performances by professionals in an intimate setting and try playing some traditional instruments.

Tokyo 1
Morioka Shoten Ginza

Morioka Shoten Ginza

Ilona Lin

One can get there by taking the Ginza Line, getting off at Higashi-Ginza... Proceed to the Higashi-Ginza 3-Chome intersection until you reach an intersection

A Guide to Kabuki 2019

A Guide to Kabuki 2019

Jun 1st - Sep 23rd 2019

The Traditional Performing Arts Centre in Tokyo will be hosting a free exhibition of kabuki from June to September.

Tokyo 6 Free Entry