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Kotohira is home to the oldest operating Kabuki theater in Japan, the Kanamaru-za. It's fascinating to visit even when there isn't a show on.
The Imperial Palace East Gardens are as close as many will get to the Emperor in Tokyo. They're also rather beautiful and a peaceful place to spend an hour or so.
Kabuki is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts which has over 400-year history. I would highly recommend you try it out once in your lifetime at the newly-renovated Kabuki-za in Ginza.
At the Ginza kabuki theater, Kabukiza, fans of theatre and traditional Japanese culture can enjoy performances of kabuki at Japan's most famous theatre.
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is Japan's oldest 'Palace' of music and ballet. In 1961, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government constructed it as part of its 500th anniversary celebration. It is located just inside Ueno Park
A Meiji period theater nestled in the Japanese cyprus covered mountains of Kashimo that still hosts locally produced Kabuki
Japan's legendary entertainers annually showcase traditional performing arts at the Shinbashi Enbujo theater.