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Kiddy Kabuki 16

Kiddy Kabuki

Janessa Landry

Adorable children in Sakata, Yamagata put on a performance of iconic plays from traditional Kabuki stories.

Yamagata 1
May at Kabukiza Theatre

May at Kabukiza Theatre

Nov 3rd - Nov 27th

Ginza's Kabukiza is staging daily performances in May to honour the great kabuki actors Danjuro IX and Kikugoro V. Tickets are on sale now.

Tokyo, Kabukiza Theatre 13 ¥4,000
Kabuki-za in Ginza

Kabuki-za in Ginza

Rufus Starbuck

The lavish home of Kabuki in Tokyo - a recently rennovated theater in the heart of Ginza where you can admire the amazing costumes of traditional Japanese

A Visit to Kabukiza

A Visit to Kabukiza

Elena Lisina

Watching a kabuki performance at Kabukiza in Ginza is easy with a one-act ticket and can help you learn more about Japanese culture.

Tokyo 4
Ginza Theatrical Night Tour

Ginza Theatrical Night Tour

Jan 26th - Jan 29th

An immersive sightseeing tour will take place on the streets and in the buildings of night-time Ginza

Tokyo, Ginza 1 ¥5,800
Experience Kabuki Music 15

Experience Kabuki Music

Aude Beaumond

Get the opportunity to experience Kabuki performances by professionals in an intimate setting and try playing some traditional instruments.

Tokyo 1