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Kiddy Kabuki 16

Kiddy Kabuki

Janessa Landry

Adorable children in Sakata, Yamagata put on a performance of iconic plays from traditional Kabuki stories.

Yamagata 1
May at Kabukiza Theatre

May at Kabukiza Theatre

Sleiman Azizi

Ginza's Kabukiza is staging daily performances in May to honour the great kabuki actors Danjuro IX and Kikugoro V. Tickets are on sale now.

Tokyo, Kabukiza Theatre Jul 3rd - Jul 27th 13 ¥4,000
Kabuki-za in Ginza

Kabuki-za in Ginza

Rufus Starbuck

The lavish home of Kabuki in Tokyo - a recently rennovated theater in the heart of Ginza where you can admire the amazing costumes of traditional Japanese

Ginza Theatrical Night Tour

Ginza Theatrical Night Tour

Kota Ushio

An immersive sightseeing tour will take place on the streets and in the buildings of night-time Ginza

Tokyo, Ginza Jan 26th - Jan 29th 1 ¥5,800