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Professional performance and practice session

By Aude Beaumond    - 1 min read

This Kabuki Music Experience was created for anyone wanting to try Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) music. This is a unique opportunity to learn about and play the Shamisen and traditional percussion instruments such as Kotsuzumi, Otsuzumi or Shime-daiko.

During this event organized by Geidankyo (the Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations), you will get the opportunity to hear performances by professionals in an intimate setting and try playing some traditional instruments. The program is foreigner-friendly and includes the assistance of a professional translator. For an additional ¥2,000, you can also rent a yukata to further immerse yourself into Japanese culture! The whole group (around 20 people on our visit) gets divided during the practice session to allow the musicians to give their personal support to each participant. The experience ends with a final performance with everyone, sake or tea tasting and the opportunity to get your Uchiwa (Japanese fan) given as a souvenir, signed by the musicians.


- Feb 23 Naruko Tenjinsha Shrine

- Mar 11 Geino-kadensha

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