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Bewitched by Awara Geisha

In Awara Hot Spring in Fukui Prefecture, you can enjoy authentic Geisha's dance performance at quite a low price. Other events such as trying out 'Geisha Costume' or 'Geisha Games' are also available.

Celestial Geisha Night

Held on Mount Mitake west of Tokyo, Celestial Geisha Night is an entertaining event with geisha dance performances and traditional games for guests to enjoy.

Best Spots in the Heart of Kyoto

Look at any map of Kyoto and you will see a major clump of temples and shrines—it can be a bit overwhelming by their numbers. ‘Which do I go to first?’ ‘Can I see all of them in one day?’ ‘Which one’s the best?’ Luckily, I’ve done that thinking already, and if you are to visit any three, these are the top picks.