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Hatakeyama Museum Garden

The garden adjacent to the prestigious yet somewhat hidden away Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art is a fine example of Japanese garden that’s allowed to change with the seasons, to be subject to its time, place, and the wear and chaos of nature.

Kyoto Nijo-jo Castle’s Gardens

Nijo-jo Castle was the official lodging for the Tokugawa Shogun when staying in Kyoto. Tokugawa Ieyasu (the 1st Shogun) started the construction of the buildings in 1603 and Iemitsu (the 3rd Shogun) completed them in 1626. This was also the place where the last Shogun, Yoshinobu, restored Imperial Rule in 1867. There are three beautiful gardens inside the moat; Ninomaru Garden built in 1626, Honmaru Garden in 1893, and Seiryu-en Garden in 1965.

Yoshikien Garden

Offering three beautiful Japanese gardens in one spot, Yoshikien Garden in Nara Prefecture is definitely a place that you should not overlook.