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Oni-oshi-dashi Park

Near Karuizawa resort on the border of Japan's Gunma and Nagano prefectures, Onioshidashi park offers the best view of Mount Asama and its beautifully rocky, rugged environment.

Akagi Shrine

Akagi Shrine is a well-known sightseeing spot where you can take in 4 seasons of nature's delights.

Byakui Dai Kannon

Just 25 minutes by JR bus from Takasaki Station and Metropolitan Hotel Takasaki, you will find a gigantic, white statue of Byakui Dai Kannon-sama, the White-Robed Goddess of Mercy.

Shorinzan Daruma-ji

In Takasaki, north of Tokyo in Japan's Gunma prefecture, Shorinzan Daruma-ji is the temple of Daruma dolls, traditional good luck charms.