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Jonny Chiropractic in Matsuyama

Skilled Chiropractor with foreigner discounts in Shikoku

Imagine you are stepping off of the train at Matsuyama Station or disembarking from an airplane at Matsuyama airport and you are feeling a little stiff. You haven't sorted out how you are getting to your hotel and are leery of trying your hand at using the buses or light rail as you are already tired from your long journey.

Now imagine that you get picked up, taken to a quiet clinic where you can get some low-impact muscle and joint relief that is tailored to your body's personal needs. After your session, you get taken directly to your hotel or guest house where you can unpack and have a soak in the rejuvenating waters. Now imagine that this whole experience will cost you under 4000 yen! Well you can stop imagining because this service exists and Jonny's Chiropractic is just a phone call away.

It’s easy to be wary when considering different kinds of body therapy in Japan. Many places are unregulated, or seem to cause more stiffness and pain than they heal. Not so, with Jonny's Chiropractic in Matsuyama. Officially trained in several techniques, and eagerly studying more, Jonny's "pain-free" style is a holistic approach to therapy. Using combinations of assisted stretching, swing techniques, joint rotation, and other classic Western and Eastern chiropractic techniques, you can be sure to leave feeling physical relief without any tightness and pain the next day.

Yasunobu "Jonny" Watanabe attended University in Long Beach California. There, he not only gained significant skill in English, but came to understand the difficulties that people can face living in a foreign country. For this reason, he wants to reach out and help foreigners with their physical well-being. Jonny offers a variety of foreigner and traveler friendly services. First and foremost is the discount: 1000 yen off of his already reasonable prices for all foreigners.

Despite being located within sight of Matsuyama station (not the front, but the back side) he will cheerfully meet people at the station and walk with them to his clinic. He will also drive out and pick you up from Matsuyama Airport, the port, or any Matsuyama area hotel. This is free of charge! If you'd prefer to have your session at your home, he has a portable table and will come to you.

Although studying and practicing for some time, Jonny's Chiropractic is a relatively new business. As a newcomer in a market laden with other practices, he is more than willing to go the extra mile for his customers. Most sessions last 45 minutes, but he will go far over that time for customers who truly need the extra treatment. The office and exterior of the business is also continually being updated, so don't be surprised if things have received an upgrade since the pictures were taken.

Don’t hesitate to call! You will be pleasantly surprised with the friendly service and hospitality at Jonny Chiropractic.

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Justin Velgus 8 years ago
Sounds like I need to visit Shikoku just for this! Traveling or just daily stress does do damage on the body.

Thank you for your support!

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