Home of Momotaro and the famous Koraku-en garden

Known as the land of sunshine, Okayama is considered the gateway to West Japan and has fine weather, a mild climate, delicious food and natural beauty.

Okayama has everything to offer and provides the chance to meet new friends, relax and experience the best food that Japan has to offer.

Meet Okayama...

The Korakuen Garden of Okayama

Take a break by strolling around one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan


An inescapable hidden treasure in the Seto Inland Sea

Shopping in Okayama

Satisfy your shopping needs at Okayama's best retail spots

The Kibitsu Temple

Experience a unique ceremony of divination at this majestic temple

Okayama Castle

Discover Okayama's history through one of the city's most recognisable emblems