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Blue Water of Suisho-hama Beach

Enjoy your summer on the crystal beach in Fukui!

Is this the Caribbean? No. Is this Philippines? No. Is this Okinawa? Not in the least. Then where in the world is this? Believe it or not, this is Suisho-hama Beach (Crystal Beach) in Fukui prefecture, which belongs to the same Hokuriku Region that is famous for its heavy snow in winter. Actually, Fukui is known as a popular diving/swimming spot in West Japan and many tourists flock to this beach in summer to enjoy its beautiful, crystal clear blue water. This video was taken in May and July by my mini-drone, which flew over the beach and captured its brilliance. The gorgeous sunset viewed from this beach can be seen in my other video.


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Kim a year ago
Yuditha Sucia Nadhiif 8 years ago
I miss diving. Nice shots
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
So pretty! How did you get these shots flying above the water in a hang glider?
Erica Dason 8 years ago
Hiroshi Ohnuki Videographer 8 years ago
Thank you Ms. Erica!