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Cherry Blossoms at Nishiyama Park

Aerial views of gorgeous cherry blossoms in Fukui!

Nishiyama Park in Sabae City, Fukui, is most famous for its 50,000 azaleas in May.(Also for the adorable red pandas in the zoo.) But once spring comes, people visit this park to enjoy its beautiful 1,000 cherry trees in full bloom. As you can see in this video, there's virtually NO ONE in this park on weekdays despite the mountainful of gorgeous cherry blossoms. If you come to this park in spring, the striking contrast created by pale-pink cherry blossoms and still-green azaleas, and 1,000 fully blooming cherry trees decorating the hillside, will be all yours! For other seasonal beauty in this park, please see the links below.

Aerial views of Nishiyama Park in Four Seasons 1. Cherry Blossoms at Nishiyama Park 2. Nishiyama Park, Azalea Paradise 3. Flying Over Nishiyama Park in Fall 4. Soaring Over Snowy Nishiyama Park

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Corinna David 7 years ago
Lovely! Wish I also have a drone to record aerial shots.
KL Shunlux 8 years ago
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Beautiful and not crowded?! Count me in!!
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Thank you!

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